Navigate Collapse, with Help


You have found Deep Adaptation Guidance, the global support and resource database for organizations and individuals who are navigating their emotions, thoughts, resilience, and spiritual journey in light of near-term climate-induced systems collapse as outlined in the Deep Adaptation paper by Dr. Jem Bendell.

Payment or Free?

This site will initially connect people in need with Guides, who are offering services in exchange for payment.

Future iterations of the site will allow Guides to declare whether they are willing to offer free sessions (up to a number of their choosing), in order to support environmental activists and organisations.

Guides from all over the world with different approaches

Our goal is to get you the support you seek, in the way that fits your needs and world view. We have Guides from all over the world, who speak a variety of languages and use a variety of on-line and in-person approaches to facilitating Deep Adaptation for you or your organization.

Future ideas – A Volunteer program

In the future, there will be a Deep Adaptation Guidance volunteer program, which is optional for Guides. The Guides who choose to participate in this program provide a limited number of free or low-cost coaching/counselling sessions to qualifying clients. Once this program is live, you will be able to filter your search to include only those Guides who are participating.

The journey of Deep Adaptation

The journey of Deep Adaptation starts with the uncomfortable realisation that the environment and social systems are in a state of collapse. Processing and adjusting to this realisation can place heavy demands on our emotional, physical, intellectual, social and spiritual resources.

Deep Adaptation is a rich internal process of coming to terms with — and responding to — dire global realities. The term ‘Deep Adaptation’ was first conceived by Dr Jem Bendell.

Deep Adaptation is innovative, as humanity has never before faced what we are facing now. The guides gathered here are all learning how to adapt, and how best to adapt their methodologies to help others with aspects of their adaptation. We are a community of Guides with a growing body of practise, methods, knowledge and expertise.