About Deep Adaptation Guidance

Below you should find all you need to know to have a great experience with the site.

It’s all about connection and support

This website has three interlinked purposes:

  • Offering methodologies and practices which are proven to help people with aspects of their adaptation, 
  • Connecting adaptation guides with people that need help, 
  • Connecting guides with each other. 

Emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual challenges

The prospect of global collapse is not easy, but there are millions of people learning to adapt. There are emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual aspects to this adaptation, it can challenge our deepest sense of self, identity, and reality. Everyone is different, but there are common experiences and difficulties through which we can be helped and guided. 

For many people, there is an acute need to connect with a guide if an awareness of the scale of the predicament arrives suddenly. The Deep Adaptation paper can be triggering and produce a crisis. You can find help and connection here. For others not in an acute or sudden crisis, there are many psycho-spiritual dimensions to Adaptation over time for which we can also seek help and guidance.

Look for practical living skills elsewhere

This is not a website or database about practical adaptation such as homesteading, off-grid, alternative technology and so on. If you are seeking help, guidance or information about practical living skills you might find it at the Deep Adaptation Facebook Group or in the forums of the Deep Adaptation Professions Network. Our site is an extension of the Deep Adaptation community, who provided the development funding for the creation of this Guidance resource.

Who are the Deep Adaptation Guides?

A deep adaptation Guide is someone who is deeply aware of the state of the planet, who has made the journey into the dark corners of collapse, processed it, and is now ready to support and guide others.

Deep Adaptation is unprecedented and innovative. A guide is someone who can help show the way, in a specific area but none of us can know the entire landscape or the whole journey. There are no qualifications in Deep Adaptation Guidance. Professional guides, such as coaches, therapists, facilitators are adapting their skills and methods to meet the need. 

Professional qualifications or not?

Some guides here will be trained professionals, making their living from their practice, while others will be volunteering and innovating service. Guides without formal qualifications or training may be of great service. For this reason, professional qualifications and experience in well-established modalities may or may not be an indicator of quality and skill. 

We don’t recommend guides

It is crucial to understand that we do not vouch for, or recommend any guides. Anyone seeking guidance, professional or voluntary has a strong duty of care to themselves to check that any guide they engage with is competent, and well-matched to their world view, needs and disposition. 

When someone puts themselves forward as a guide, we check their application and their profile to ensure that it looks fair and plausible. 

We won’t engage in conflict resolution

We cannot engage with conflict resolution or claims of malpractice because we do not have the necessary competencies or legal or bureaucratic structures. 

Tips on how to ensure a guide is a good match for you 

  • Local: a major through-line in the Deep Adaptation approach to preparing for systems collapse is to connect with your local community, so finding a guide near you can often help you to become connected with others facing the same concerns and emotions you may have
  • Belief Systems: in a Guide’s profile, they will often talk about things that show their world view — their belief systems. Find a Guide whose view matches yours, so that you can stand on a foundation from the very start of your journey together
  • “I just know” somehow: quite often, a person’s photo or profile gives you a sense of connection or peace that you can’t quite define, it just “feels right.” Trust that guidance, knowing you can always choose another Guide later if this one doesn’t work in the way you’re seeking
  • Testimonials – ask to see a guides testimonials from satisfied clients

Who we are

This website is developed and maintained by Brennan Smith, Matthew Painton, Kathryn Soares, Nando Garcia Ferrero and Stina Deurell in service to Deep Adaptation.

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