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This blog deals with topics addressing the social, emotional, spiritual, psychological needs of people and communities experiencing climate distress and/or dealing with the impact of climate change. The discussions can be philosophical and/or offer specific guidance. 

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Deep Ecology

By Maria Bliklen,

Arne Naess, the Norwegian philospher, mountain climber and scholar of Gandhi who was the first to us …

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Reconciliation: Peace as Rebellion

By Gary Horvitz,

The fourth of the Deep Adaptation 4Rs framework, along with Resilience, Restoration and Relinquishin …

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Human Wayfinding, Migration and The Otic Capsule

By Sarah-Jane Menato

What have we lost or forgotten? Where is our place? What is it that requires human enslavement to cl …

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New beginnings: The birth of Deep Adaptation Guidance

By Elzanne Roos & Matthew Painton

Interview with Matthew Painton, a Deep Adaptation Coach and one of the founders of the Deep Adaptati …

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Many methods – Deep Adaptation

From Climate Trauma to Climate Resilience

By Dr. Vanissar Tarakali

The unraveling of our biosphere is having an enormous impact on us both physically and psychological …

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Climate Distress – 7 Insights that can help

By Kimberley Hare

In 2009, I stumbled across a very simple understanding called the “Three Principles” about how the m …

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