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Neela Paulussen

Facing collapse asks for being firmly routed in connection. I use somatic and awareness work as …

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Stefanie Behrendt

Welcome to my profile. I am glad you’re here! Are you currently in a stressful life situation o …

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Simon Oliver Kornhäusl

Who is life asking you to be in these revolutionary times?I would be honoured to offer you my p …

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Nenad Maljković

I work with teams that are co-creating connection, clarity and confidence while collaborating r …

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Shaun Chamberlin

I lead Sterling College (Vermont)’s transformative online programme ‘Surviving the Future: Conv …

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Jay Ridgewell

G’day, I’m Jay. I’m a nature and forest therapy guide based on the land of the Gubbi Gubbi peop …

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Stina Deurell

Aligning all parts of us as single human beings, and aligning Humanity and the Biosphere, are m …

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Susana Rinderle, MA, PCC

Hello! My name is Susana (pronounced like “iguana”), and I’m a writer, poet, transformational l …

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Terry Rankin

Deep adaptation to 21st century truth and reality is a fundamentally philosophical undertaking. …

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Oscar Espejo

I’m a psychologist graduated from the ‘Universitat de València’ (UV, Spain) since 2017, current …

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Sarah Hamilton

Grappling with the likelihood of societal and environmental collapse leaves us with little soli …

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Elzanne Roos

Let’s begin our work by assuming there is something wiser than both of our conscious minds work …

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Krisztina Csapo

I am a “grief walker” and Grief Educator (certified by David Kessler). As the admin of the Deep …

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Katie Carr

This is an exquisite time to be alive, when our abilities to witness and integrate very many pa …

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Mark Kroening

My sense is that the collapse we are facing is a reflection of our collective internal conditio …

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Fernando García Ferreiro

I have been an Experienced Beginner since I left my job as Director Health and Well-being at th …

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Vane Trepp

Making Art Heals: Creativity for wellbeing The power of art to transform anything is within you …

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Courtney Noster

I offer coaching, trauma therapy (EMDR), ecotherapy, and shamanic arts healing.