Karen Ann Scott

Nature-based Coach and Facilitator
ILM Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring; Diploma in Person-Centred Counselling; Facilitator of the Work That Reconnects




In person and Online

Types of Methods

• Nature Connection Practices
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Working with

• Parent / teacher / child care provider
• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations

Narberth, UK

I have a background in activism, community development, coaching and facilitation and am called to support people and communities to adapt and thrive in these deeply turbulent times . I live in west Wales and offer Work that Reconnects workshops and Nature-based coaching for personal and community resilience. I have also co-facilitated Narberth Death Cafe since January 2015.

When I first experienced the WTR in 2012, it contributed to a profound shift in my thinking and behaviour in relation to our living Earth. This coincided with my becoming involved in the Transition movement and TreeSisters and was a time of deepening my connection with our living natural world.

This led to my training to become a facilitator of the WTR with Jenny McKewn and Chris Johnstone in 2012-13, followed by an immersion retreat with Joanna Macy in Oxfordshire in 2013.

Since then I have facilitated dozens of WTR workshops, latterly for Extinction Rebellion folks.

Recently, I have set up my own nature-based coaching and facilitation practice, Being in Nature, focused on supporting people to draw on their grief for the world as fuel for action to create resilience.  I work with individuals, groups and communities.

Inspired by the Shambhala Warrior prophecy, this year I’ve been taking the WTR into the ‘corridors of power’, delivering a programme of WTR workshops to people working in Welsh Government.

My firm belief is that people who are concerned, anxious or grieving about the state of the world, and our probable future, don’t need counselling or therapy as there’s nothing wrong with us! It’s a natural response to an immense threat . The WTR offers profound wisdom and solace in these uncertain times and is effective in 121 conversations as much as in group settings.

My website is www.beinginnature.net

and my Facebook pages are:

@WTRWales and @BeinginNature



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  • Type: Nature Connection Practices
  • For: Self-Guided
  • Payment: Fixed price
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  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy, Nature Connection Practices
  • For: One to one, personal
  • Payment: Donation or a specified span
  • Guide: Karen Ann Scott

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  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy, Nature Connection Practices
  • For: Groups, teams and organisations, One to one, personal, Self-Guided
  • Payment: Fixed price
  • Guide: Karen Ann Scott

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