Matthew Painton

Deep Adaptation Coaching
Certified Co-Active Coach, Facilitator Work That Reconnects





Types of Methods

• Nature Connection Practices
• Meditation - Spiritual Guidance
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Working with

• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations

Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

My coaching mentoring and group facilitation rests upon a simple model of five frames, or elements of Deep Adaptation.

The model adapts to you. Each frame represents a distinct perspective, capacity, skillset and process which can be developed and integrated as part of our Deep Adaptation. We can use the diagram as an inquiry to map out the current landscape of your Adaptation, to generate insight about where you are now –  in what areas you are well resourced, and in which areas you are under-resourced or struggling.  It can let you know where to focus your time and attention, what strengths you have to offer, what vulnerabilites to work on, and what it is most worthwhile to collaborate with others upon.  Each element has both well established and innovative practices which can increase your capacity to adapt in that area. We can go as deep as you need, in any or all frames, and toggle between personal and collective perspectives.

Find out more about this model and Deep Adaptation Coaching here.

Wider Embraces

I  work with Wider Embraces guided meditation. Modern science theorises about a highly structured and interconnected universe from the quantum, physical, biological, cultural and cosmologcal levels of scale. However, we are habitually unconscious of this amazing stucture. Wider embraces brings us into conscious awareness and a deep sense of belonging in each nested sphere of being. This awareness is deeply healing in itself, but can also generate insight about the groups in which we particpate. Whether it’s our nationality, our profession, humanity, our family or the biosphere  – Wider Empbraces can offer insight about our troubled relationships and offers profound integration and alignment.


I am developing and delivering  group workshops with different co-hosts.  We can use the model, and the Wider Embraces method in a variety of ways, as a one-off or to explore belonging, identity, mission, purpose, coherence, innovation, practise, messaging, collaboration, transformation, conflict and so on, over time.


Deep Adaptation requires us to collaborate better with others to make ‘islands of coherence in a sea of change’.

I work closely with Stina Deurell. Together with Brennan Smith we concieved and developed this Guidance website. I also work with Stina  developing the Wider Embraces method and offer it to groups.

I am working with Ali Young to  develop and host online training for activists and other groups.

I moderate the Holistic Approaches and Guidance group on the Professions network with Dean Spillane-Walker and we co-host events for that group


“While I’m familiar with the elements as healing powers, your capacity to sense and respond with a model of collapse as natural is brilliant. And with the help of the elements it has brought me clarity of mind for inspired action. ”

C.B July 2020

“Working with Matthew during our coaching session was a transformational experience. I got to really hear what my body needed and wanted from me, as opposed to what my mind and thoughts continually tell me, about who l am supposed to be and what l should be doing. Thank you Matthew”

E.M.G July 2020

“Matt has encouraged me to listen to and trust my own wisdom, and to create a vision for the way I’d like to live my life. He’s helped me to uncover buried hopes and to sow the seeds for my ‘dream life garden’, both metaphorical and real! The vision means moving house, changing my work, letting go of decades of social conditioning and learning to fly my kite high again. During our sessions, I can go through all emotional seasons as we uncover and explore. But Matt creates an infinite space to do this, allowing anything that comes up. He has an almost preternatural gift for pinpointing and framing the issues and feelings that bring me the most pain and the greatest hope. And then supporting me to understand how I might accept these feelings, find some peace and continue to act towards the Vision. His way of encouraging me to connect in to the natural world and outwards to the people I share it with, always referencing our beautiful planet and the challenges we all face, really works for me. And put simply, Matt is just a wonderful human being. Thank you.”

E.I. July 2020.


Offers from this Guide to You

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  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy, Meditation - Spiritual Guidance, Nature Connection Practices
  • For: One to one, personal
  • Payment: Donation or a specified span
  • Guide: Matthew Painton

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  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy, Energy Work - Energy Healing, Meditation - Spiritual Guidance, Nature Connection Practices
  • For: One to one, personal
  • Payment: Donation or a specified span
  • Guide: Matthew Painton

Are you new to collapse and Deep Adaptation? Are you collapsing into grief, anxiety, fear, avoidance, despair, overwhelm, negative behaviours? No one …

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  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy, Energy Work - Energy Healing, Meditation - Spiritual Guidance, Movement - Somatics - Embodied Practices, Nature Connection Practices
  • For: Groups, teams and organisations, One to one, personal
  • Payment: Donation or a specified span, Free
  • Guide: Matthew Painton

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