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Silvia Di Blasio

My name is Silvia Di Blasio. While I trained as a special needs’ teacher, I have worked with yo …

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Dr. Christine Gibson

A primary care practitioner, systems entrepreneur, and trauma specialist, I am especially able …

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Maria Bliklen

Being alive as a human on planet Earth is challenging, heart-breaking, and wonderful – even mor …

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Naresh Giangrande

As a Co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, the first Transition Town, and of Transition Trainin …

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Tamara Alferoff

As we face the uncertain future, the anxious Mind tries to make sense, by creating scenarios wh …

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Ami Chen Mills-Naim

Ami is a coach, trainer, consultant and author with over 25 years of experience helping individ …

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Kimberley Hare

Do you want somebody to talk to, as you process what might be very powerful feelings about our …

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Kristy Johnsson

I offer somatic facilitation to explore your emotions, beliefs, and unique personal relationshi …

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Justine Corrie

Justine Corrie is a Core Process Psychotherapist, Mindfulness teacher and experienced group fac …

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Annelie Nilsson

I am coach and facilitator working in Sweden, therefore the rest of this text will be in Swedis …

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Spring Cheng

I hold that the ecological and social collapses are propelling humans to evolve into a new orde …

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Mario Tomas Lawrence

I spent my whole life looking for what I was supposed to do in the world. In 2010 I discovered …

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