Rich Snowdon

Deep Advocacy Coach
Coaching certification from the Coaches Training Institute (2000)





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Oakland, CA USA

We’re told that life is binary, you get either hope or despair, take your pick. But there’s a third way.

We can follow the path of what I call moral-fight. And when we do, we get to discover how our hearts can be bigger than our despair. We get to see that who we are matters more than our fate. We find out that no matter how doomed the world, no matter how close death comes, we don’t ever have to stop caring, because love does not depend on hope, and activism does not depend on hope.

I’ve lived on the far side of hope for decades now, during which time I’ve written two books that I’ve put up on the internet for free.

The first is Love with Fight in its Heart: Finding grace here at the end of the human story.

It’s about asking more of love than we’ve ever asked of it, then fighting for ourselves like never before. This is not a pep talk or a how-to. It’s not spiritual. Instead, it’s a book of nurturance.

My second one is Advocating for Activists. It’s about creating post-hope activism for our post-hope era, because in this time we need something way better than the traditional sacrificial-savior activism of the classic nonprofit world.

If you want more than what’s in those books, I do coaching by phone. I call it coaching because that’s a familiar term, but I think of it as deep advocacy. For the past 20 years I’ve worked with nonprofit leaders on their toughest issues. Now I’m working with people who have lost hope but want to stay in the fight, and want to take the best possible care of themselves as they do so.

If you’re interested, email me and let’s set a time to talk to see if I’m a match for what you need or not. As you can tell from the above, I’m an intense guy, but I’m also very easy to talk to. And one thing I know for sure is that the most effective coaching is also the kindest.

Wishing you the best,



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