Susana Rinderle, MA, PCC

Transformational Life & Leadership Coach, Trauma-Informed Resilience Practitioner
International Coaching Federation
Masters degree (MA) in intercultural communication, Certified Professional Coach (CPC), Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Certified Facilitator of the Resilience Toolkit, 80 hours training in Parts Work (Internal Family Systems)


English, Spanish



Types of Methods

• Movement - Somatics - Embodied Practices
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Working with

• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations

Los Angeles

Hi! I’m Susana (pronounced like “iguana”), and I’m a transformational life & leadership coach and trauma-informed resilience practitioner. I’ve been thinking about collapse since the mid-90s, and my core commitment is to “create a world that works better for more of us” even if that “world” is just person-sized.

My first career was in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), where I spent nearly 30 years garnering results for employers and clients as an internal subject matter expert, organizational leader, and external consultant and trainer. I’ve worked in corporate, nonprofit, educational, healthcare and government organizations across the U.S. and a dozen additional countries. I hold degrees from UCLA and University of New Mexico, and studied at UNAM in Mexico City.

I’ve been coaching for about 14 years. I’m a Certified Professional Coach (CPC), having completed a rigorous year-long coach training in 2014. I’m also a Professional Certified Coach (PCC), credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). I also mentor newer coaches, and train coaches to be trauma-informed.

I’m a Certified Facilitator of The Resilience Toolkit, a trauma-informed, body-focused stress management modality. It consists of eight tools informed by 13 scientific models, grounded in a social justice framework. Since its practices transformed my life in 2019, I’ve taught them to hundreds of people in multiple walks of life in eight countries.

I’m also a writer, poet, and creative. My articles and poems have appeared in multiple commercial publications, academic journals, and anthologies. I live in Los Angeles, but I also call Albuquerque and Guadalajara (Mexico) home. Outside of work I feel most alive hiking in wild places, dancing hip hop, savoring incredible food and invigorating conversation, hugging trees, watching raptors, and bellylaughing.

You can learn more about my professional, academic, and personal life at

I offer:

  • DAF Angrrrr Circle – Experience connection, validation, and insight around your collapse-related annoyance, frustration, anger, or rage.
  • Professional Life Coaching – Navigate personal or societal collapse, find meaning and purpose in a changing world, or do deeper “Parts Work” based on Internal Family Systems (IFS).
  • Professional Leadership Coaching – Gain insight and skills to lead through ongoing volatility, uncertainty, change, ambiguity, and insane organizational culture.
  • Individual and Group Stress Management and Resilience – Learn how normal human stress/trauma responses manifest, and obtain practical tools to settle or calm.
  • Consulting on Trauma-Informed Culture or Approach – Ensure your intact team, short-term project, or organization minimize harm and maximize effectiveness and inclusion.
  • E3 Solutions for Mission-Driven Organizations – Achieve efficiency, effectiveness, and equity in your programs, processes, and communication.

For more information, please visit my website at, or contact me for a complimentary “chemistry call.” I look forward to meeting you!



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