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Many methods – Deep Adaptation
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Therapy, Psychotherapy, Counselling

‘Therapy’ is a broad church with many academic and practical variations, and for this reason, any si …

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BelongAlign – Embracing Perspectives


Are you lost in the maze of conflicting perspectives? Do you struggle with your thoughts and emotion …

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Three Principles Psychology

Three Principles psychology is based on “three principles” as first articulated by Sydney Banks. Thi …

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Standard Coaching Generically, a coach is someone who enters into a skilful, intimate, developmental …

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Centering Breath

Centering breath is a practice which, when repeated consistently, reliably creates a feeling of bein …

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Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique: What we practice, we become. Learning the Alexander Technique is like re-learni …

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Community grief tending rituals

Facilitating community grief tending rituals in Brighton and beyond, in community, we find we’re not …

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Work That Reconnects

The Work That Reconnects is an experiential process that invites us to explore the different stages …

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Energy Healing – Hands-on and from a distance

There are many forms of energy healing. What they have in common is that the practitioner activates …

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Somatic Inquiry

Somatic inquiry is a process by which we ask the body questions.