Advocates for Deep Adaptation

Type of Method

• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Suitable for

• Groups, teams and organisations


Guides linked to this method are officially chosen by the Deep Adaptation Forum to speak about unfolding societal breakdown and its practical and psychospiritual implications as representaives of the Deep Adaptation network. 

The concept of Deep Adaptation was first coined in a speech by Professor Jem Bendell in December 2016. It has spread rapidly since his Deep Adaptation Paper went viral. The topic is vast, touching on all aspects of our personal and professional lives, in all corners of the globe. There are now many people seeking experts to speak on this topic around the world – from journalists, broadcasters, and event organisers. It can be a great relief to an audience to have collapse named and spoken to, but the topic can also trigger difficult emotions that may need further support and guidance.

Guides who are linked to this method are people of many different kinds of experience and expertise, with official sanction to speak on behalf of the Deep Adaptation movement and the skills needed to manage the immediate response and direct the audience to further resources. They are located around the world. Some can travel and all can speak by video link. Some do not charge a fee but some may need to. Any payments are handled directly, not via the Forum. If you want to source an expert for an opinion on Deep Adaptation, or to give a talk, the people linked to this method are recommended by DAF.


Guides using this Method

Fernando García Ferreiro

Experienced beginner

I am a 62-year old experienced beginner. I retired from the European Commission in November 2018 aft …

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Dean Spillane-Walker

Reconnection and Resilience Coach

After 35 years in transformation-based training, coaching and facilitation and writing my 2017 book, …

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Naresh Giangrande

For example Coach, Therapist, Healer ...

As a Co-founder of Transition Town Totnes, the first Transition Town, and of Transition Training, I …

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