Add a New Method – For Guides Only

Visitors find guides through searching directly for a guide, or by searching for a method and then chose a guide listed under that method.

On this page, we describe how you can link methods to your profile, and how you can add a method you use, that is not yet listed.

Link a Method to your profile

  1. Log in to the site.
  2. Go to the method page and search for the method you would like to add to your profile.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of that page.
  4. If it is a closed method, see below, you have to make sure you have the right qualifications. If you are unsure, please use the e-mail address listed.
  5. Choose your name from the Guides list to the right, and click Submit.
  6. Go to your profile page and check that the method is listed at the bottom.
Add a method to your profile

General and Closed Methods – The Difference

To be able to change the description and limit who can link to some methods we have two categories of methods:

General Methods

  • Each guide decides for themselves if they are qualified or not to link to the method.
  • The DAG team is in charge of the method description and can modify and edit it. Changes will be announced in newsletters to all guides.

Closed Methods

  • Closed methods are for techniques which require training, alignment, permission or authorisation to practise.
  • Before linking yourself to an existing closed method, you should contact the creator.
  • Only the creator can change the description and is responsible for telling any linked guides about the changes.
  • The creator can ask the DAG-team to remove anyone who has linked themselves to the method.

Do you use a particular method that is not yet listed? Please add it!

Before adding a method in the form below, please read this text and the text above about General and Closed methods.


A method is a distinct technique or set of tools (e.g. Yoga, or Coaching). Most methods will have many different guides linked to it as practitioners of that method. If you are the only person using this technique, and you won’t be training other people to use it – it should not be listed as a method. It should be described as your personal practice on your profile.

Not variations

Variations of well-known methods will not be listed as separate methods because this will flood the search results. For example, there are many dozens of variations of the Yoga and Coaching methods, which will not be listed as separate methods. You can describe your personal variation on your own profile page.

Open description

A method needs to be impersonal, generic and described in such a way that other guides can also associate themselves with that method if they are qualified to do so. Everything personal should be only on your profile page.

Relating to Deep Adaptation

In the description, please make clear how the method relates to collapse awareness and deep adaptation.

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Your suggestion will be reviewed before publication.