Coaching for Professionals – closing the gap between private anxiety and professional performance. 

  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy
  • For: Groups, teams and organisations, One to one, personal
  • Payment: Fixed price

Are you buttoned-down and constrained by your professional role, in a sector of indifference, avoidance and denial about what really matters?

Being a good person in a bad system is hell on earth. The gap between what you privately know to be true, and your professional culture and role performance is widening and tearing you apart.

You’ve worked hard to get where you are, and build a life for yourself and your family. You have a role, obligations and commitments which you cannot just ‘dissolve’. You do not want to rock the boat – and yet deep down you know the boat needs turning, and part of you just wants to abandon ship before it hits the rocks.

Cognitive dissonance is painful, depleting, and unhealthy, it quite literally drives you to distraction; all the addictive busyness and compensations of modern life. But every so often the global realities hit you, but you literally cannot afford to unravel.

What if you could stay in place, in role and yet change utterly? Come alive and engaged as an agent for adaptation and change in situ?

From top to bottom, your sector and your organisation, the system, is full of people who are privately anxious like you are, but no one is publicly anticipating what is coming and even having the conversations, let alone adapting the organisation or the sector.

System change and paradigm change are well understood. There is a build up of tension, of dissonance, of charge – which is what you and others are feeling in your body as a deep underlying stress, but the system, the culture is resistant to change until something or someone acts as a catalyst or a conductor.

Like it or not, disruption and system change are coming, what would it feel like to be a conductor, a leader or catalyst for change from within? There are risks, but the greater risk and cost will be to do nothing. Even small steps matter greatly, and gather momentum.

I have been successfully coaching professionals through the zone of cognitive dissonance between personal well-being and professional success for nearly ten years. I still coach that zone, but for much higher stakes, in the vast zone of existential dissonance between the personal and the global, between humanity and planet, between business as usual and collapse.

My standard price is £600 for a three month coaching programme. Message me to find out more.

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