What Now? Resilience, Wisdom & Love in the Time of Climate Collapse

  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy, Nature Connection Practices
  • For: Groups, teams and organisations, One to one, personal, Self-Guided
  • Payment: Donation or a specified span

You’ve just realised how bad things are in our world. Perhaps you feel afraid, wondering what on earth you’re going to do when sh*t hits the fan. Maybe you feel despondent, hopeless, wondering why you should even bother getting out of bed. You might be furious, brimming over with anger, wanting to shake people and scream “wake up!!”. Or you’re numb, strangely calm, but unsure of how you’re going to figure out your life now.

“What Now” is a 3-hour workshop followed by a 2-month programme, we look at how to build internal resilience, process the eco-anxiety and grief you may be feeling, and how you can start to work out the part you’re going to play in co-creating a world that celebrates and defends life; not one focused on extraction, exploitation and endless growth. Can we thrive, let alone survive, what’s coming? One thing is certain – we won’t figure it out all by ourselves.

What Now? follows the spiral of Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, a powerful body of work that helps activists and concerned citizens alike to move through the overwhelming barrage of emotions they feel around the global predicament and to reawaken their inner resilience, wisdom, and sense of interconnection with all of life.

If you’re wondering what the f*** you’re supposed to do, think or feel given all the things you’ve been seeing in the news lately… then this is the space for you!

We can’t offer band-aid, quick-fix solutions and we won’t cheerily tell you to go and recycle a bit more and join an environmental movement to make yourself feel better. However, if you’re looking for the first step to unlocking the resilient, wise warrior inside you that is screaming to protect our earth’s children (not only the human ones), you may just feel called to join us.

This is an interactive workshop – not the kind where you sit back and listen to something in the background while you multitask. So please, sign up only if you can give three hours of your full attention and care, and you’re willing to open up (as much as you can).

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