Spring Cheng

Coach for Conscious Evolution, Chinese Medicine and Taoism Practitioner and PhD in Molecular Biology
Director and Co-Founder of Resonance Path Institute





Types of Methods

• Energy Work - Energy Healing
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Working with

• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations

Seattle, WA, USA

I hold that the ecological and social collapses are propelling humans to evolve into a new order of life. The planet calls on us to develop new ways of seeing, being and knowing to better serve as conduits through which Mother Earth can express this new order. I offer one-on-one coaching and group/organizational coaching to enable this evolutionary process.

I am native Chinese. I grew up steeped in the last breath of an ancient culture before it clashed with the forces of industrialization and capitalism. Yet, in my blood, I retained the memory of how my ancestors used to communicate with Mother Earth as they navigated through rounds and rounds of chaos and disruption throughout Chinese history. In my current profession, I strive to regenerate my ancestral wisdom through marrying it with modern psychology.

In one-on-one coaching, I help clients to bring a specific awareness to the emotional experience of the collapse around us. This awareness, facilitated by a modality called feelingwork, decompose the grief, pain and confusion to regenerate a felt-sense of wholeness. Through this wholeness, we re-awaken our somatic and energetic connection with Mother Earth. We consciously evoke the wisdom of the living planet as our ally in our creative responses to the climate crisis for both individuals and the collective.

In group/organizational coaching, I primarily use the Resonance Code, a framework that provides a language and reflective thought pattern that propels evolution toward wholeness on the collective level. The Resonance Code paradigm holds the human psyche as a microclimate system, influencing and being influenced by the macroclimate of society and culture. It taps into and expands the ancient Chinese energetic system known as the I Ching, the Book of Change. Just as DNA offers building blocks for all life, the Resonance Code offers building blocks for consciousness. It provides a model for mapping human experience with a new language we can use to communicate with the Earth as a living being.

The Resonance Code guides people to become more aware of the connections between their own evolution and planetary evolution. The climate crisis provides an optimal condition to catalyze this personal and group process. With the Resonance Code as a tool, individuals and groups can find deeper resources within and without to build a more vital, robust and adaptive community. Please refer to my work on Cortes Island as an example.

My work synthesizes a wide spectrum of sources, primarily Taoism, Chinese medicine as well as modern adult development practices. For more details about my practice, please refer to the Resonance Path Institute website here.



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