Deep Adaptation – Deep Conversations

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  • For: Groups, teams and organisations, Self-Guided
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Deep Adaptation – Deep Conversations online event

In this heart-centered process work, we will explore the DA work, connect, relate, and reflect together in this intimate online group with a respectful, deep listening approach. We will witness each other, learn tools and techniques for resilience and self-awareness to benefit the whole.

This session will explore the Four R’s utilising The Work That Reconnects Spiral framework

  • Resilience: what do we most value that we want to keep and how?
  • Relinquishment: what do we need to let go of so as not to make matters worse?
  • Restoration: what could we bring back to help us with these difficult times?
  • Reconciliation: with what and whom shall we make peace as we awaken to our mutual mortality?

This event is on zoom, co-facilitated with Rita Gyorffy an Eco-Wellness Counsellor & Facilitator at Be Regen.

Contact the guide about this offer: Deborah Punton

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