The Money Game Experience

  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy
  • For: Groups, teams and organisations, One to one, personal
  • Payment: Fixed price

Invented at the Findhorn Community in the highlands of Scotland, the Money Game has been played by groups around the world as a way to help us think about, and deconstruct, our relationship to money.

There’s often no better way to test and draw out our hidden behaviours and assumptions than by playing a game. The Money Game helps us explore (and manifest) the habits and unconscious beliefs that determine our relationship to money and learn through both our individual experience, as well as interactions and reflections with the wider group. We’ve run the Money Game for many types of groups and in many countries as in-person events, and now also virtually!

As a personal experience in a group setting, the Money Game is never the same, but varies each based on what all participants bring to the table. Your experience is shaped by your own relationship to money, the good and bad qualities you attach to it and the histories and imagined futures you associate with it. While this can surface discomfort and painful emotions for some, it also creates fertile ground for individual and collective growth.

How it works

What happens during the game is quite simple — several rounds of “play” in a group of 8-15 people, interspersed with journaling and reflective dialogue — but in keeping with tradition of the game, we don’t share all the details in advance.

Participants are asked to “bring” a meaningful amount of money in cash that they feel comfortable letting go of, but that is enough to “trigger” their learning. To ensure a meaningful experience, it is important that participants take a few minutes to feel into what this amount might be for them. People have played with anywhere from €10 to over €500.

Interested in this group learning experience? You can find more information, dates and register at the Money Game Experience page

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