Jenny Rose Smith

Deep Listener; Hakomi therapist in training. Trauma sensitive meditation instructor.




In person and Online

Types of Methods

• Psychology - Psychotherapy - Counseling
• Meditation - Spiritual Guidance

Working with

• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations

4 Heol Maesglas SY25 6DY Near Aberystwyth

As I have become older I have increasingly known that slowing down, simplifying and working more with the elements of silence and stillness are the most important gifts for both myself and those that I support. I feel absolutely sure now that the place from which we listen to each other is the single, most significant factor in what makes a difference to the experience of being truly served in human relationship. I currently offer one to one Deep Listening sessions supporting people to come closer into connection with themselves in ways that are nervous system settling, expansive and nourishing.

From my work on frontline mental health services for three decades I bring a lot of experience and compassion to the areas of uncertainty, anxiety and overwhelm which support me on my continued journey of deep adaptation.

My work roles have included mentoring university students with mental health diagnoses at Aberystwyth University; Setting up and managing a national self harm support service for Self Harm Support Bristol; Managing a mental health crisis support helpline for Mind; Freelance writer for Mind; Co-ordinating a global network of women’s circles for TreeSisters Reforestation Charity.

I have trained with Joanna Macy and Chris Johnstone in facilitating the work that Reconnects.
Currently training in Trauma Sensitive Meditation and hold a weekly online group class.
Currently training with the Hakomi Education Network.



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