Linda Lombardo

Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Life Coach
Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT)
Certified through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs; Certified through the Coaches Training Institute




In person and Online

Types of Methods

• Nature Connection Practices
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Working with

• Self-Guided
• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations

215 Campagnoli Ave, Copiague, NY 11726, USA

A certified life coach since 2001, Linda’s approach has always been one of attraction rather than niche; an invitation to be in conversation about something that’s of value to each of us. There is a gift in every conversation; every ​relationship … for the client and even the coach.

Linda’s always been a deep conversationalist; asking the questions that may have no easy answers or no answers at all; co-creating story, championing the idea that we are always in choice, and how our human/soul connection is always at work, or at play. An elegant and relentless ‘space holder’, Linda believes in the dance of co-creation between client and coach; there’s a soulfulness and playfulness, no matter what the conversation, that often gets to the heart of the matter with a succinctness; that ‘ah ha’ moment we all long for.

Linda writes, “As an activist, artist, teacher and healer, I am committed to my work in the world as ‘something I cannot NOT do’. I wake up as an activist, artist, teacher and healer, and I go to sleep at night – when I can sleep – as all those things. What I’m not committed to is the struggle to measure my value based on what others believe or think. Being born to this; committed to this, we cannot stop caring/acting or creating; we cannot stop teaching or healing. Understanding where and how this lives in our stories and rewriting them; creating one that serves us, especially around self-worth, is the essence of what we can do together as coach and client. I see you. I know you. I am you.”

Recently, the concepts of Regenerative Consciousness and Deep Adaptation have asked for a seat at the coaching table. The bigger questions. The ones that aren’t easily answered or, perhaps, have no answer yet.

Every cell in our body has Regenerative Consciousness. Remembering who we are. Returning us to a healthy stasis. This is especially important in this time of social, environmental and political crisis; reconnecting with ourselves, the natural world and each other. Coaching what’s known as Deep Adaptation, all the changes taking place in the world, the broken promises and accepting on any level the predictable collapse of familiar structures whether they be personal, familial, communal, national or global, becomes sacred work. It is work that Linda is committed to coach for anyone who wishes to explore their own Positive Deep Adaptation or Regenerative Consciousness.

This coaching framework isn’t about preparing for the end of the world or the end of Humanity. It’s about letting go of so many things we’ve come to know in our stories. No one can guarantee where this global story ends so, hope, loss, joy, grief, intimacy and isolation are all welcome in this coaching framework. Being activated by our values to live our best lives in service of what those values can offer us, those with whom we come in contact, other living beings and our role as stewards of this planet.


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