Type of Method

• Psychology - Psychotherapy - Counseling
• Nature Connection Practices
• Movement - Somatics - Embodied Practices
• Meditation - Spiritual Guidance
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Suitable for

• Parent / teacher / child care provider
• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations


Standard Coaching

Generically, a coach is someone who enters into a skilful, intimate, developmental role with a ‘coachee’ – an individual or group – over time. Coaching may include some or all aspects of the following; witnessing, validation, positive psychology, mentoring, training, practise, education, emotional and psychological support, motivation, visioning, alignment, inspiration and transformation. A coach may also have a particular training, expertise, process, knowledge base, or experience to teach within a particular field of endeavour or niche, for example business, relationships, wellness, or spirituality, or they may be a ‘generalist’ Life Coach. 

The standard Coaching skill sets were developed to help people function better in themselves and in the world. Standard Coaching usually focuses on particular, chosen aspects of personal development, transformation and success, towards a future which it is assumed will be better than the present, in a world which is fundamentally stable and eternal. 

Deep Adaptation Coaching 

Deep Adaptation starts with the recognition of immanent and unfolding environmental and social collapse at global scale.

A discovery of the facts of external global collapse often has an intense or catastrophic internal impact. Collapse awareness may trigger a sudden personal crisis where reality and meaning can dissolve overnight, or a longer transformational process which can extend over a long period of time. 

Collapse awareness is often characterised by degrees of grief, reluctance, fear, avoidance, denial and perceptions of a world in which ‘success’ and ‘progress’ now seem meaningless, and a future which is precarious, dangerous and frightening. It may also provoke loneliness or isolation when family, peers, colleagues are not able to share or understand the crisis. Beyond grief, Deep Adaptation implies a need to reconnect with meaning, self, soul, spirit, and nature and developmental processes linked to resilience and community, all of which coaching may help help with.

A Deep Adaptation coach will enter into a facilitative role with aspects of this process of deep change that comes with collapse awareness. Many Deep Adaptation coaches will bring aspects of other training and developmental practises into their coaching process. it would be expected that coaches are gaining competencies to usefully facilitate aspects of these unprecedented processes for others. 

Some coaches may have a structured programme or process, others may work adaptively and spontaneously to meet the needs and wishes of the coachee or group. Some coaches work online, others face to face. 

Any coach will be framing their practise through a particular worldview, and level of personal and professional development, which a coachee should enquire into. Does the coach speak your language, and speak to whatever you need help, guidance, support and development with? There should be a ‘chemistry’ between coach and coachee, the right coach is the one you want to work with, who ‘rings bells’ and can speak directly to whatever aspect of Deep Adaptation you need help and support with. 

Guides using this Method

Kaif Mahmood


I am a psychotherapist working in private practice in New Delhi, India. Over time, in my work, I hav …

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Shana Melnysyn

Somatic Guide with over 250 hours training, PhD in Anthropology & History

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Linda Lombardo

Certified Forest Therapy Guide and Life Coach

A certified life coach since 2001, Linda’s approach has always been one of attraction rather than ni …

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Inna Alex

WTR Facilitator, Permaculture educator, Yoga teacher, MSc Env Management

I have been teaching workshops & retreats in the Work That Reconnects (WTR) in New Zealand & …

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Terry LePage, M. Div, Ph.D

I offer individual and group support for processing climate grief and anxiety, with attention to des …

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Norbert Prinz

Gestalttherapeut (DVG), Supervisor (DVG)

Ich beschäftige mich intensiv mit der Möglichkeit eines sozial-ökologischen Kollaps und den psycholo …

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Pascale Aline

Counseling Therapist (registered) and Coach

I help with solastalgia and making sense of the environmental and societal destruction we’re seeing …

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Nick Laurence

Clinical Psychologist

In my day job, I work in mainstream mental health, primarily working with adults experiencing a rang …

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Jarrah Schmah


Hello dear hearts, I’m offering online psychotherapy sessions in Somatic Experiencing and just being …

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Nenad Maljković

Collapse-aware network weaver, group process facilitator and teamwork coach

I work with teams that are co-creating connection, clarity and confidence while collaborating remote …

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Neela Paulussen

Bodyoriented (psycho)therapist

Facing collapse asks for being firmly routed in connection. I use somatic and awareness work as well …

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Susana Rinderle, MA, PCC

Transformational Life & Leadership Coach, Trauma-Informed Resilience Practitioner

Hello! My name is Susana (pronounced like “iguana”), and I’m a writer, poet, transformational life …

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Katie Carr

Deep Adaptation Facilitator

This is an exquisite time to be alive, when our abilities to witness and integrate very many painful …

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Mark Kroening

Systems change leadership coach

My sense is that the collapse we are facing is a reflection of our collective internal condition – l …

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Fernando García Ferreiro

Experienced beginner

I have been an Experienced Beginner since I left my job as Director Health and Well-being at the Eur …

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Matthew Painton

Deep Adaptation Coaching

Deepen into Adaptation coaching will help you move out of avoidance, uncertainty and paralysis, thro …

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Claudia Junker

Learning & Development expert, Systemic consultant, Coach

(English version below) Was finden wir auf der anderen Seite, wenn wir durch die Verzweiflung und di …

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Isabel Santis

MA, Coach

Isabel Santis, MA, Transformative Coach ​In these times of environmental, social, economic, and poli …

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Lisa Gordon

Accredited Courage & Renewal Facilitator

Thanks for visiting! I’d like to know you. I host Courage Earth circles in Victoria, BC, Canada. As …

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Gwyneth Jones

Deep Adaptation and Resilience Coach, Work That Reconnects facilitator

I help guide people through the emotional and spiritual journey of dealing with climate collapse, an …

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Dean Spillane-Walker

Reconnection and Resilience Coach

After 35 years in transformation-based training, coaching and facilitation and writing my 2017 book, …

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Emma Mary Gathergood

Holistic Life Coach

Holistic Life Coaching: As a holistic worker I can work with your mind, body, feelings and spirit an …

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Sarah-Jane Menato

Sarah-Jane’s premise is that while we will not escape the consequences of what has already taken pla …

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Eveline Tijs

Coach - Psychotherapist - Facilitator

Hi, my name is Eveline. I am a 36 year old Belgian and moved to Hastings, East Sussex in 2019 to liv …

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Brennan Smith

I’m the founder of the Inspired Action Network, and the author of The Art of Inspired Action. To get …

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Zori Tomova

Purpose alignment coach, shamanic guide & Connection Playground founder

It is my purpose to create spaces of connection that bring out the most beautiful sides of our human …

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Lori Austein

Council Trainer/Facilitator; Hypnotherapist; Transpersonal Life Coach

Circles of Resilience is based on the ancient way of being together and learning from each other bef …

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