Gwyneth Jones

Deep Adaptation and Resilience Coach, Work That Reconnects facilitator





Types of Methods

• Nature Connection Practices
• Movement - Somatics - Embodied Practices
• Meditation - Spiritual Guidance
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Working with

• Self-Guided
• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations

Prague, Czechia

I help guide people through the emotional and spiritual journey of dealing with climate collapse, and work with activists to navigate the complex emotions involved with trying to stave off the Apocalypse. In my personal life, I am living the Great Turning through learning to be as self-sufficient as possible in my small garden. Drawing on a blend of my MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence, the Work That Reconnects, mindfulness, nature connection, energy healing and Existential Coaching, I have helped people to find inner peace, strength, resilience, calm, and courage in the midst of the chaos. In addition to emotional work, my coaching focuses on helping people to take practical steps to maximise their chances of survival (should they wish to try), on imagination work in order to envision and birth a new world, and on grief work and ritual for those wishing to mourn what has been and will be lost. My greatest influence is Joanna Macy’s Work That Reconnects, although as part of my own decolonisation practice I am also delving more deeply into Celtic/Welsh mythology and folklore (and offer coaching in the Welsh language, incidentally).


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The course is currently running (October 13th onwards) and we will start our second round from January 19th 2022. After realising just how bad things …

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  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy, Meditation - Spiritual Guidance
  • For: Groups, teams and organisations, One to one, personal
  • Payment: Donation or a specified span
  • Guide: Gwyneth Jones

Methods this Guide uses


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