Mark Kroening

Systems change leadership coach
The Columbia Coaching Certification Program (C3P) - Teachers College, Columbia University




In person and Online

Types of Methods

• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Working with

• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations

Christchurch, New Zealand

My sense is that the collapse we are facing is a reflection of our collective internal condition – let’s go there, where ever it leads, to realise a better possibility!  In the words of Tim Jackson: “The antidote to despair is action.”

+In short, through dialogue, I support the bespoke learning-by-doing journey that a person must do to take new actions – to actually contribute to systems change and produce better outcomes in the world in the direction of a thriving planet
+This means helping a person locate themself in the outcomes aspired to be better (ie. how they are complicit in them), and then doing the work that theirs to do, in their context, in their place, in this moment in time
+Living systems principles – the conditions for something to be alive – are the foundation of this work, and provide amazing purpose and process guidance, starting with encouragement to go deeper, eg. greater awareness, understanding,  connection, and relatedness
+My focus is working one-on-one with individual persons – preferably those who are Collectively oriented (social and environmental justice), Creative (curious and open-minded), and Connected (influential and relational) [ie. you, because you’re here!] – and can be a number of people within a group in or across functions, organisations, industries, or sectors to support their collaborative action (after all, for a different future, change is required everywhere, in parallel)
+I have developed my own process independently over the past 6 or more years; although I have captured it in a number of frameworks myself, I think these are best kept in the background and rather experienced through dialogue, in real life, on real situations; hence the encouragement to try it out to get a sense of it


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