Brennan Smith

Assoc. of Transformational Leaders




In person and Online

Types of Methods

• Movement - Somatics - Embodied Practices
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Working with

• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations


I’m the founder of the Inspired Action Network, and the author of The Art of Inspired Action. To get a more detailed sense of who I am and how I work, feel free to review my full bio on my company’s website here.

Here in the Deep Adaptation community, I’m the co-creator of this Deep Adaptation Guidance website (the one you’re on now) and I host support groups for people having the emotions of becoming collapse-aware in person locally (western Massachusetts, United States).

The ability to “be with” challenging emotions as they come along is not something that can be learned by reading a book or listening to a podcast, in my view. It requires active learning, which I facilitate through a combination of martial-arts-based body movements, mindfulness meditation practice, and deliberate use of language (more specifically, how to use language to take full ownership of one’s own reality, and one’s leadership opportunities to serve others).

Happy to help you walk through the shadows that might exist where you currently are, so that we can move through our emotional and collapse planning together and serve others to do the same.


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Many of us are called to lead (ourselves and our community) toward more regenerative, earth-healing ways to live our lives. It’s my belief that, if we …

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  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy, Movement - Somatics - Embodied Practices
  • For: Groups, teams and organisations, One to one, personal
  • Payment: Free
  • Guide: Brennan Smith

Using a combination of neuroscience-based discussions, body-focused activities, and group coaching this series of three (3) 90-minute sessions has hel …

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  • Type: Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy, Movement - Somatics - Embodied Practices
  • For: Groups, teams and organisations
  • Payment: Fixed price
  • Guide: Brennan Smith

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