The Samurai Game ™

Type of Method

• Movement - Somatics - Embodied Practices
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Suitable for

• Groups, teams and organisations


The Samurai Game® is an intense and challenging simulation that has traditionally been applied as a personal development and organizational leadership experience.

In the game, one finds oneself face-to-face with their own emotions, their own automatic responses amid uncertainty, and their ability (or limitations) in collaborating with others toward a goal.

This intense experience brings the following Deep Adaptation principles to life:

  • A new relationship to intense emotions, and an ability to take decisive action in the face of such intensity
  • A transformed relationship to death & dying, allowing one to cherish the vividness of life
  • An ability to step into commitments that inspire you and the people around you
  • An experience of uncertainty and dilemmas, and how you can stand with honor in serving your highest values
  • Joining people in having fun, even when circumstances are challenging

It is required by the game’s creator George Leonard that a facilitator of this experience be rigorously trained and tested before they are certified and authorized to lead it.

The Samurai Game website has a list of certified facilitators from around the world, and also lists games which are already occurring and are available for public participation. To bring the game into your organization, contact a facilitator near you via the website or simply search on this site for Deep Adaptation practitioners who are certified to run the game.

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