Deep Listening for Deep Adaptation

Type of Method

• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Suitable for

• Groups, teams and organisations


These are online, facilitated, compassionate listening and sharing events for people to come together, speak and be heard about whatever they wish to say. The space is held as a non-ordinary conversation; less about exchange of opinion or ideas, more about sharing how we are affected and what we are feeling. Everyone who wishes, gets a chance to speak, uninterrupted about whatever is live for them in that moment. The events foster an intimacy and connection which can be deeply moving and beneficial. 

The events are held with simple but effective values; 

Active listening, Compassion, Non-judgement, Curiosity and Respect. 

The events last for between 90 minutes and two hours.

You can find out when these events are held and how to join or host one via the Positive Deep Adaptation facebook page

Guides using this Method

Katie Carr

Deep Adaptation Facilitator

This is an exquisite time to be alive, when our abilities to witness and integrate very many painful …

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