Three Principles Psychology

Type of Method

• Psychology - Psychotherapy - Counseling
• Meditation - Spiritual Guidance
• Coaching - Transformation - Philosophy

Suitable for

• Self-Guided
• Parent / teacher / child care provider
• One to one, personal
• Groups, teams and organisations


Three Principles psychology is based on “three principles” as first articulated by Sydney Banks. This psychology is founded on the fact of every human being having access to innate mental health, innate well being and innate wisdom. These three formless psychological and spiritual principles form every human being’s reality, as constructed from the inside out.

The approach of practitioners (who range from licensed psychiatrists, to psychologists to business consultants, to coaches and lay trainers/educators) is generally 1) to tend to their own mental health, growth and well being primarily so that they can then 2) assist others with great certainty about each person’s well being. According to this paradigm, no outside circumstance can damage an individuals’ core mental health and well being, nor their “birthright” access to insight or spiritual wisdom. Evolution and positive change is not time based, but rather, insight based. A powerful insight can clear away many years’ accumulation of negative, self defeating programming.

From a space of clarity or a “quiet” mind, we are already at the goal we seek (happiness or well being, contentment, clarity). In light of the climate and eco-crises, this means that no matter what is happening “out there” we never lose our core capacity for peace, compassion, love and right action.

Here are the Three Principles:

Mind …

is the energy and intelligence of all things, whether in the form or formless. We are all a part of this One Mind, which is also Love, Intelligence, Life.

Thought …

is the power or “principle” that allows us to perceive creation and to generate unique perceptions of creation (separate realities). It is via Thought that we construct our identities and insecurities, moods and maladies. When we realize Thought, we gain the freedom and power to begin to transcend our limited, personal thought system, to transcend fear. We awaken to our true possibility, to live as free intelligence, as formless spirit.

Consciousness …

is awareness. Thought comes “alive” within our senses and through what we call our feelings and emotions–all via Consciousness and the brain. We experience our thinking (even “sub-conscious” thinking) always. We cannot escape this simple fact. And thus our conscious reality is created from the inside-out, through Mind, Consciousness and Thought.

You are not what you think. You are not your beliefs, your values, your diagnoses, your habits. You are the fact of Thought itself and, beyond all personal thoughts, you are Consciousness itself–intelligent, aware, unfathomable and eternal.

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