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Philosophical Enquiry and Guidance

Philosophical enquiry tends to engage with fundamental questions about knowledge, truth, ethics, lan …

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Religious and Spiritual Guidance

This is guidance offered through a particular religious or spiritual framework such as Christian, Bu …

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Grief Work

Collapse awareness often provokes grief. Collapse grief is an aspect of our relationship with loss, …

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Breath Work

Breath Work is the practise of observing or deliberately changing the breathing pattern of the body …

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Somatics is concerned with the body as perceived from within. Somatic techniques, also referred to a …

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Definitions and practices of meditation vary widely, across cultures and traditions.  Meditatio …

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Shamanism and Shamanic Healing

Archaeological and anthropological evidence shows that shamanism can be traced back 30,000 years to …

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Alexander Technique

‘What we practice, we become’. Learning the Alexander Technique is like re-learning your native lang …

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Mindfulness is a self-observation practice with early roots in  Hindu, Buddhist and Christian tradit …

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Reconnection and Resilience Coaching

The work of Living Resilience / Deep Academy is to reconnect ourselves with the Web of Life. Our dis …

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Co-Active Coaching

Co-Active Coaching is a coaching model developed and offered by CTI – The Co-Active Training Institu …

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Energy Healing – Hands-on and from a distance

There are many forms of energy healing. What they have in common is that the practitioner activates …

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The Samurai Game ™

The Samurai Game® is an intense and challenging simulation that has traditionally been applied as a …

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Centering Breath

Centering breath is a practice which, when repeated consistently, reliably creates a feeling of bein …

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